Friday, 27 March 2015

Are you an ordinary person?  Do you have an extraordinary God?  Read on and be encouraged.

The Chapel at Fflad-y-Brenin is only 12ft by 12ft (4m by 4m).  There's a cross on the wall, a large rock in the centre, red and green cushions and a glorious sense of the living God.  I have never experienced a place where it is so easy to sense God's presence.  And God's presence and his blessing here have produced amazing results. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk and people come to know Jesus.

What inspires me more is that this outpouring of God's Spirit is spreading from this place through local houses of prayer around the country and the world.  Local houses of prayer involve speaking simple prayers of blessing and they start to make a difference.  For instance a friend and her church have been speaking blessing in the name of Jesus for the local school.  One day a school class was going for a nature walk.  The teacher said 'let's stop and see what we can hear', expecting that the kids would say that they heard bird song, cows or cars.  One kid with no church background said 'I hear God saying that I need to lie down on the grass and speak to Jesus'!  Some months later he is camping out with his brothers and my friend and bursts into fervent prayer.  My friend is also seeing businesses starting to flourish, God's peace for the sick, healing, people moving towards faith ...

What inspires me even more is what this could mean for my village.  5 minutes ago, encouraged by what I'd heard, I prayed for a friend who had just arrived at my doorstep.  The Holy Spirit came down powerfully in our front corridor!  When we finished praying my friend said 'I will now need to walk home slowly after such a powerful encounter with the Lord'.  This wasn't about me, I had to read the steps for healing from a book before trying to use them.  It was about our extraordinary God becoming present in my ordinary house.

Hmmm.  God is moving and we can all take part.  Do you want to join in?        

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