Wednesday, 22 April 2015

As night falls here in Juba our vehicle is driven inside a compound and the gate is locked. There's a curfew in place and the risk of car-jacking is real.  I could hire a taxi and go out but I'd rather not risk it.  And this is South Sudan's capital city.  How would you feel if your capital city was that unsafe?

I'm here to help review Tearfund's work with local churches in South Sudan.  It's a challenging context.  We work to empower churches and communities to address poverty themselves but this is a country where people are long used to receiving free support.  Our approach takes time but insecurity is rife and things can change at a moment's notice.

Tomorrow I will travel out to Mundri and will see for myself what has happened.  I remember visiting there 10 years ago and sitting chatting around a fire under the stars.  It was a poor community then and people had little hope that things could get better. Will anything have changed?


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