Saturday, 25 April 2015

'The change must start with me' says Richard from Okari.

Early this morning I ate fresh juicy mango with Richard.  It's my birthday today. It certainly was an unusual one but an inspiring day I will long remember. 

Richard is an inspirational man who lives what he believes. So as he helps his church and community make the most of the small resources they have he leads by example.  Before church and community transformation he worried about how to pay school fees for his seven children.  He doesn't mention it once but his left arm is wasted and twisted and must make life hard.

Previously he had planted 25 lemon trees but now he has made the most of some underused land to plant 169.  In time this could give a crop of over 8 tonnes of lemons!  

This along with the 402 teak trees he has planted and the small shop he has started will help him to reach his vision to provide for his children, be able to afford good education for them and even help access electricity for his homestead.

Are you and I willing to follow his example and become the change we want to see?  

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