Tuesday, 26 January 2016

'My foot hurt every morning when I got up and throbbed when I tried to run'. This pain had gone on for 3 months.  But when we met a fortnight ago two of my friends prayed for this lady's leg.  'My leg tingled a bit and I felt it relaxing. Now it's better and I have even been able to start running again'.  

This happened in our ordinary home on an ordinary evening.  God's goodness broke into our lives again.  'I have come that you may have life and life in all its fullness' said Jesus (John 10v10).

We've been speaking blessings in Jesus' name for 9 months now for people and the community that we care about.  At times it's been hard and I've wondered whether we should carry on.  But when we look back we see so many signs of God's goodness breaking into our village.  A couple were released from substantial debt, a worthwhile business is now flourishing, there's a stronger sense of God with us and a greater openness in the community.

Our home is a 'local house of prayer' and part of a wider prayer movement helping bring transformation around the world.  As we seek to release people from poverty let's encourage the vital prayer that increases God's transforming power in people's lives.  Local houses of prayer are springing up all across the world.  Perhaps you could encourage them in the places where you work or live.  That all may know life in all its fullness...

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