Monday, 6 June 2016

What's the most humbling gift you've ever received?  I feel acutely embarrassed as Pastor Rahul* hands me his family's 'bank'.  It's a small metal box full of coins, most of which are worth 5p.  Pastor Rahul and his family have just given me 445 rupees (£4.60 or $7).  It's taken them weeks, possibly months, to save this amount and they've just given it away to me.

I feel humbled because I've seen the scale of their home: one shared bedroom and a small kitchen and toilet.  I feel humbled by the open-handed generosity of this family who live in poverty.

And I feel inspired.  I think this small box represents the possibility of thousands of communities across India being transformed.  


Yes.  Often I think development organisations believe the answer to poverty is money from outside, from for instance the Global North ('economically richer countries').  I think the main key is actually money from the Global South ('economically poorer countries').  After all, 10 Christians giving 10% of their income (in cash or kind) can support one full time worker.  Wherever we live.  And yet as I travel in both the Global North and the Global South I realize how rarely Christians anywhere give this Biblical amount.  So I think the challenge is to all of us to give at least this much.  

Let's 'be rich in good deeds, generous and willing to share' (1 Tim 6v18). Perhaps the humbling generosity of Pastor Rahul's family will lead the way...

*Name changed for privacy

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