Friday, 15 July 2016

As I laid the cards down on the floor they felt as precious as finely wrought gold. They were ordinary pieces of card but they seemed so special because of what was written on them.

Each workshop participant, here in the USA, had written on coloured card things that their church was doing well in serving their surrounding community.  One person had written 'collecting baby items for a local pregnant MacDonald's worker'.  It's not a large scale or grand thing to do but it's thoughtful and caring.  I love it.  And I think God smiles when he sees his people doing small, often unseen, acts of kindness.  

I also loved seeing the variety of creative ideas from 'helping with school maintenance' to 'community football on the front lawn' to 'serving deaf refugees'.

And the humility of 'we have organised community events (and we are getting better)'.

Let's keep going people of God!

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  1. Richard was looking to send you a message but can't find how! Are you still working for Tearfund?