Thursday, 9 February 2017

'I was burying my head in the sand about climate change just like an ostrich. I knew it was a big problem but didn't want to face it' said my friend Hannah.  I think a lot of us feel like that about climate change and the whole issue of creation care.  I wonder whether you feel that way too.

Yet our calling is to care for God's beautiful creation.

'God saw all that he had made and it was very good' Genesis 1v31

So last Saturday I found myself carrying bricks and cardboard into the grounds of our church.  A passer-by gave me and my family a strange look.  We were there to start building a 'bug hotel', a refuge to encourage rare and not so rare insects to thrive on our church's land. Insects such as bees that are so vital to pollination.

Our church is starting to make some small contributions to caring for the environment. We've been inspired by A Rocha's great initiative Eco Church.  This helps ordinary church congregations to improve their teaching, use of land and lifestyles.

My youngest son got up from our dinner table last week in the middle of supper.  We were about to tell him off but noticed he was just turning off unused lights.  These are small steps, yes, but if everyone does them great things happen.  One third of the planet's population are part of churches so if we all do something the impact could be amazing ... 

So I wonder whether you could try Eco Church with your church and what would happen if you did?

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