Friday, 3 February 2017

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Once when my eldest son was just 2 months old I sang him to sleep with 'Happy Birthday' because I couldn't remember any other tunes!  I can easily remember pictures but can't recall songs at all. How do you like to learn?   Perhaps you learn best when you move, hear words or see the logic.  

I will be using insights from Multiple Intelligences as I prepare to facilitate a workshop on church and development in Asia.  This theory says each of us are intelligent in different ways and categorises intelligence as verbal, visual, intra-personal, inter-personal, physical, musical and logical/ mathematical.  It's good to provide exercises that cater for all these types during an event.

Image result for image footballSo often I think workshops involve small group discussions with notes written on flip charts and then fed back to the wider group.  Eventually I get bored with this.  It is one valid way to draw out learning but I think it is good to bring in more variety and fun.  I'm planning on some drama, songs and games at my workshop.  One game I like is getting everyone to play football with just one person on one team and everyone else on the other.  Often the one person gets close to winning because the rest don't play as a team.  It's a great game for helping people to reflect on the importance of unity.

What would happen if you added more variety to the approaches you use?   

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